Irrigation Design & Consulting Services

Kovach Design Solutions, LLC is an irrigation consulting firm located in the York, Pennsylvania. Since 2005, we have assisted many owners, architects, engineers, parks & rec departments, contractors, managers, and developers with their project's irrigation needs. Kovach Design Solutions is an independent firm and has no affiliations with any vendors, manufacturers, or contractors, giving us the ability to provide our clients with unbiased recommendations focused on their best interests.

Kovach Design Solutions believes in being responsible stewards to the environment, while also being mindful to the financial responsibility we have to our partners and clients. Reducing a sights irrigation water use helps to promote healthy turf and landscape and lower utility costs (water and electric). We carefully select irrigation technologies that help reduce a sites irrigation water use. The additional costs of most of our selected technologies can be offset in the first year of use.

Labor costs to maintain and operate an irrigation system is often overlooked during the design phase. Kovach Design Solutions has the knowledge and know-how to review advanced options like remote access and central controls to minimize the cost to the property manager.

From the design, to overseeing installation, to commissioning the completed system, Kovach Design Solutions can help on your next irrigation project.